Woman arrested following video of her kicking a child

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Woman arrested following video of her kicking a child

A video which was shared on social media of a woman kicking an infant has led to her arrest.

Police are investigating the video in which a woman is seen kicking the young child to the ground at a property in Central Trinidad.

Reports indicate that a close female relative of the child has also been arrested and the child, who was injured in the incident, was taken for medical treatment.

Based on information gathered during investigations into the video officers from the Child Protection Unit detained the woman

It’s unclear what the child’s age was but in the one minute and 30-second video, the woman is seen screaming at the child to get up, before picking him up and then kicking him to the ground.

The child stayed curled up on the floor after the woman kicked him to the ground and at that point, the person apparently recording the incident challenged her.