Water Taxi service likely to be expanded

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Water Taxi service likely to be expanded

The National Infrastructure Development Company (NIDCO) is considering extending the service of the water taxi to Point Fortin and La Brea.

This was revealed during a joint select committee meeting on the operations of NIDCO on Monday.

At the session, Independent Senator Anthony Vieira called for the water taxi service to be expanded and put to more profitable use.

Vieira queried whether the service could be used to connect central, south, and Port of Spain to Chaguaramas on public holidays, so families could take outings to the Chaguaramas recreational centre or even provide trips to La Brea so that tourists and nationals can visit the Pitch Lake.

In response, Nidco chairman Herbert George said “We have been looking at extending the service and I think it will move from ‘looking at’ to ‘doing something’ as time goes on.”

George said another use for the water taxis was excursions, as had been done previously.

However, George said the organisation was focusing on maintenance of the current fleet.

George said while he was in favour of a mass transit system, advocacy, funding and the will to do the project were needed.