TTARP wants dedicated line for senior citizens at all T&TEC payment centres

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TTARP wants dedicated line for senior citizens at all T&TEC payment centres

The T&T Association for Retired Persons (TTARP), is calling on the T&T Electricity Commission (T&TEC) to make bill payments easier for senior citizens when the utility begins its monthly billing system.

TTARP issued the plea through the Regulated Industries Commission (RIC) when the two met on Thursday to discuss the proposed rate hike for electricity.

Executive director of TTARP, Reynold Cooper said the association used Thursday’s meeting to impress upon the RIC how difficult a rate increase will be on its members, many of whom depend on their pension cheques to get by.

Cooper said, “The meeting was very informative and we were able to raise our concerns on behalf of senior citizens who have to endure another price increase in the near future.”

He said they were also pleased to know that rebates for senior citizens was recently increased from 25 per cent to 35 per cent for those with bills under $300.

The RIC announced that there is also the Utilities Assistance Programme (UAP), which pays 100 per cent of the bill, up to a maximum consumption of 600kWh bi-monthly.

Beneficiaries must be in receipt of social assistance, such as public assistance, disability grants, senior citizens pension or other pensions, and must submit an application to the Ministry of Public Utilities.

Cooper said TTARP requested that the RIC conduct more public education programmes where all citizens can be educated on these facilities.

The first public consultation will be held on January 17 at the Centre of Excellence, in Macoya.