WASA Facilities Affected By Power Outage

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WASA Facilities Affected By Power Outage

The Ministry of Public Utilities is advising the public production and distribution capability of the  Water and Sewerage Authority has been affected by Wednesday’s nationwide power outage.

it says the affected facilities include forty Water Treatment Plants, one hundred and seven Booster Stations, two hundred and ten groundwater sources.

In addition, desalination and wastewater facilities located in North and South Trinidad are currently out of operation.

Hollis, Tompire, Talparo and Trincity facilities are at full production but are currently operating on a limited power capacity through generator power supply.

While Acono, Siparia and Carapal are on partial production at the moment also utilising generator supply.

WASA assures customers the affected facilities will be restarted upon the restoration of power.

The utility says this process may take twenty-four to seventy-two hours for the supply to normalize in some affected areas.