Warner granted permission to challenge AG’s office

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Warner granted permission to challenge AG’s office

Former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner has been granted permission to challenge the permanent secretary of the Office of the Attorney General.

This, because the AGs office failed to disclose all invoices, fee requisitions and payments to “all barristers, solicitors and attorneys” in ongoing proceedings against him.

Justice Karen Reid stated yesterday (Thursday) that it was the court’s view that the issues raised by Warner could only be resolved at a trial.

She also said she made her decision after reading what Warner and the permanent secretary had submitted to the court so far.

Warner was allowed to file his claim for judicial review by April 4th.

He contends that he should receive unredacted documents for all the attorneys for the State in the extradition matter.

In a freedom-of-information request in July 2023, Warner wanted to know how much money was spent to hire attorneys to extradite him to the US, where he faces 29 charges of fraud, corruption and money laundering while he was vice president of football’s world governing body.

The information relates to all the court matters from 2015 to 2023.