WATCH: Boy, 10, Abused on IG LIVE for Being Gay


WATCH: Boy, 10, Abused on IG LIVE for Being Gay

The internet is on fire with outrage and disgust over a video of a young boy, aged 10, being slapped on Instagram Live because of his sexual orientation.

“Now we gonna show them you getting your ass beat,” says the woman recording the incident.


The video which was originally posted by Instagram user @mylifeas_marko, the young boy’s name is Tyler. In the video, a woman behind the camera who is allegedly Tyler’s sister along with several other people can be heard calling Tyler a “gay ass b*tch” for “doing gay sh*t”.

During the video, the camera zooms in on Tyler’s head, in which the word “gay” is defacingly etched on the side of his head using some type of hair clipper as an act of punishment.

A man then proceeds to slap and punch Tyler, while firmly gripping the back of his neck. As of now, there’s no way to confirm whether his mother was present or not during the incident.

“You say you’re what?” one of the men asks Tyler, apparently referring to his sexuality. Tyler replies, “Nothing,” which the man tells him to repeat.

The following is the video that allegedly invoked the supposed embarrassment by his family members:

People online are both angry and heartbroken over the video.

The user shared that they have worked with queer and transgender people for years and have seen the lasting, harmful impact parents can have on their children regarding gender and sexuality.

Terence Stewart, president of Atlanta Black Pride, a nonprofit organization serving the Atlanta LGBT community, said that LGBT youth that are surrounded by people who make them feel unsafe or unprotected can lead to suicide or put youth at risk for homelessness.

Others online are reaching out on Tyler’s supposed Instagram, sending direct messages of support, or leaving comments on his photos. The validity of the account has not yet been confirmed, but it now has over 35,000 followers.

On June 20th, sources have claimed that Tyler has been removed from his mother’s custody by the Georgia Division of Family & Children Services. A court date has reportedly been set, however further details on the official date and time the hearing will take place are still yet to be released.