UWI Vice-Chancellor’s Forum To Discuss Impact Of AI On Higher Education

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UWI Vice-Chancellor’s Forum To Discuss Impact Of AI On Higher Education

The University of the West Indies, Vice-Chancellor’s Forum will, on Tuesday, host a discussion titled Artificial Intelligence (AI) – A Blessing or Curse for Higher Education.

ChatGPT by Open AI is one of the newest developments in artificial intelligence. Since its launch in November 2022, rapid adoption, rapid improvements and the launch or proposed launch of similar products, the implications of ChatGPT and similar AI driven products for higher education has become a major discussion point. This upcoming Vice-Chancellor’s forum is part of The UWI’s continuous engagement on the issues.

The panel of speakers will include Professor C. Justin Robinson, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Board for Undergraduate Studies; Dr. Emma Sabzalieva, Head of Research and Foresight, UNESCO IESALC; Ms. Arianna Valentini, Research and Foresight Analyst, UNESCO IESALC; Dr. Margaret Niles, Manager, Research Insights and Products Innovation, Caribbean Examinations Council and Ms Patti West-Smith, Director, Customer Engagement Team, Turnitin.

Discussions will focus on exploring the possibilities of tools like ChatGPT for higher education and how they can be used to enhance the learning experience of students while maintaining the integrity and quality of higher education.