UNC wants to know cost of Cabinet retreat

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UNC wants to know cost of Cabinet retreat

UNC’s Roodal Moonilal is set to file a query for Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to tell Parliament the cost of the just concluded 3-day Cabinet retreat at the CrewsInn in Chaguaramas.

Moonilal asked: “Why use taxpayers’ funds to pay for a retreat venue when Government facilities are available at no cost?”.

“In the interest of accountability and transparency, I’d be interested in knowing how much of taxpayers’ money was spent on this ‘lime’.

“It’s suspicious that the Cabinet left the Diplomatic Centre’s conference facilities to go CrewsInn. Then we see pictures of the PM meeting cricketers. What next? T&T’s newly crowned Miss Grand International Pageant representative?”

Noting that on the first day of the retreat there were six murders and citizens were sweltering in the heat without water, Moonilal added, “The outcome of this will be the same as the crime talks at the Hyatt which cost $3.5m. And what we obtained from that so far? A murder rate of 400-plus, climbing daily.”