UNC not backing down, says PM’s property claims can only be verified by Integrity Commission

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UNC not backing down, says PM’s property claims can only be verified by Integrity Commission

The United National Congress (UNC) intends to continue applying the pressure, as it relates to their claim that the Prime Minister failed to declare his property at Inez Gate, Shirvan Road, Tobago.

The party is also not fazed by the Prime Minister’s threat of legal action with regard to their allegations about said property.

At a media conference on Friday, PM Dr. Keith Rowley dismissed the claim that the property was not declared to the Integrity Commission, and revealed that he was exploring legal options against the UNC.

However, during their own media conference held on Friday afternoon, UNC senator Wade Mark said when the UNC did its checks at the commission last Thursday for 2019 declarations, other persons who purchased townhouses in the same development made it known in Form B, including Central Bank Governor Alvin Hillaire, Paria Fuelling chairman Newman George and Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance head Ingrid Lashley.

Mark questioned why those persons knew to put the information in Form B but the Prime Minister did not.
He said “We find it very ludicrous. We find it very suspicious, we find it very questionable.”

Mark said the PM should know better. He said the PM questioned why the media was taking on the UNC but noted this country was not under a dictatorship.

Also speaking at the presser was MP Saddam Hosein, who said although the PM disclosed the information in one form and not the other, it was still an offence.

“We are assuming that he did in fact file it in Form A for 2019. None of us could see it besides the Prime Minister and the Integrity Commission,” Hosein said.
He added that according to Section 21 of the Integrity in Public Life Act, a person must furnish both forms to the commission.

Hosein said he would wait for a response from the Integrity Commission to confirm whether the PM did in fact make the declaration.

Mark also insisted that the Prime Minister’s claim of declaring the property in Form A could only be verified by the Integrity Commission itself.

He also insisted that the UNC will not be intimidated, but will instead continue to press the issue.