UNC MP warns Tarharqa Obika: “Beware snakes in the Balisier”Creator: Nature Conservancy | Credit: Getty Images

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UNC MP warns Tarharqa Obika: “Beware snakes in the Balisier”

Opposition MP, Rudy Indarsingh said he was unable to comment directly on the reasons given by former UNC Senator Tarharqa for switching parties.

Obika, a former UNC Senator, last week resigned his position within the party and switched sides to become a PNM member.

Speaking on Power 102 Digital this morning, Mr Obika suggested that his decision to leave the UNC was based on several things including disagreements over race relations and issues related to the party’s handling of integrity in public life.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning, Mr Indarsingh said he was never made aware of Mr Obika’s concerns.

Mr Indarsingh noted that Mr Obika’s decision was well within the confines of his democratic rights but issued a warning to him.

He cautioned him to beware the snakes he may find within the Balisier while searching for comfort within the PNM.