UNC Councillor told he could vote twice


UNC Councillor told he could vote twice

One Councillor is questioning the information he was given by a Presiding Officer (P.O) at the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC).

UNC Councillor for Vega de Oropouche, Anil Juteram, said that he was asked by a Presiding Officer whether he would be voting twice, after he dipped his finger at the Sangre Grande Civic Centre this morning. According to the Representation of People Act, voting twice, even if voting in different electoral districts, is an offence.

The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation is one of the highly contended corporations in the Local Government Election as the PNM and UNC each have four seats in the district. Juteram is contesting the position of Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation.

Juteram said, “She (the P.O) said there’s a document you can collect at the EBC and if your business is in the electoral district of Sangre Grande North West, but you reside in Sangre Grande North East, you can vote in Sangre Grande North West. That is really, really news to me,” he continued.

Juteram said he would be seeking clarification on the matter.