Ukrainian Forces Have Accused Russia Of Firing During Evacuation Of Mariupol Civilians

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Ukrainian Forces Have Accused Russia Of Firing During Evacuation Of Mariupol Civilians

The BBC is reporting attempts to evacuate Mariupol civilians out of the city’s besieged Azovstal steel plant are still ongoing.

Russian media says a bus has now left the site with 12 civilians on board including children.

Ukrainian fighters earlier accused Russian forces of breaching a ceasefire at the plant by attacking a car travelling to evacuate civilians.

President Zelensky tells the BBC  Ukraine would accept a peace deal in which Russian troops return to positions held prior to February’s invasion.

Amnesty International has accused Russia of doing nothing to stop its troops from committing human rights abuses in Ukraine in a new report.

European Union members are locked in tough negotiations over the next round of sanctions against Russia – with Hungary opposing a proposed embargo on Russian oil.

Ukrainian forces have accused Russia of firing during the civilian evacuation of the Mariupol steelworks – with a car being hit.

A Russian state media report says a bus carrying 12 civilians has, nonetheless, now left the site.

There are thought to be about 200 civilians – including at least 20 children – trapped with Ukrainian fighters under the Azovstal plant.

Vladimir Putin says Ukraine should order its fighters in the steelworks to surrender.

Capturing the whole of the shattered southern city would be symbolic for Moscow ahead of its annual May 9th Victory Day celebration.

Meanwhile, there are reports the US provided intel that helped Ukraine sink the Russian warship Moskva.

The Pentagon has denied other reports that the US helped Ukraine target and kill Russian generals.