UK footballer sent off for urinating behind goal

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UK footballer sent off for urinating behind goal

A goalkeeper in the UK was handed a red card for “urinating in a hedge” during a match.

Connor Maseko of Blackfield & Langley FC, who play in the ninth-tier Wessex League received the card in the 76th minute of their 0-0 draw with Shepton Mallet FC in Saturday’s FA Cup first qualifying round tie.

The ball went out for a goal kick and Maseko, who had apparently been holding it for a while, couldn’t wait any longer, and posted up partially inside the hedge behind his goal.

However, opposition players who noticed what was happening, called out to the ref who went up to Maseko and decided to send him off.

Since a red card means the player goes straight to the changing room, it seems like the ref did him a favour.

The game will be replayed as it ended in a draw and the teams are using it for promotional purposes, calling on porta-potty companies and plumbers to come on-board as a match sponsor.