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TTPS: Two suspects released in muti-million New Grant vehicle theft ring

Police have released two men from North Trace, New Grant who were arrested on May 29 in connection with a multi-million dollar vehicle-theft ring. 

The men were released without charge pending further investigations. 

The two suspects, a 52-year-old garage owner and a 35-year-old painter/straightener, spent a few days in custody. 

Head of the Southern Division, Snr Supt Richard Smith, gave the confirmation on Saturday and renewed calls for the public to alert the police of any theft of vehicles and other crimes. 

On May 31, two days after their arrests, Southern Division police had busted what is considered one of the biggest vehicle-theft rings in the nation with an estimated “$2 million to $3 million” worth of stolen auto parts in a forested area off North Trace. 

Many people have been visiting the Ste Madeleine, Princes Town and San Fernando police stations in a bid to see if theirs might be one of the stolen vehicles. 

However, Smith explained that only two vehicles have been identified so far. 

He said that identifying the vehicles has been challenging as the engine and chassis numbers of almost all vehicles were tampered with.