TT /Venezuela Relationship Described As Not New

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TT /Venezuela Relationship Described As Not New

The government maintains its relationship with Venezuela is not a new one and describes it as a very old one.

It explains Trinidad and Tobago continues to have a respectful and sovereign relationship with Venezuela.

With the signing of the energy  deal with Venezuela, the government describes it as the continuation of a policy which provides an opportunity to find additional resources.

The update was provided following a question posed to Prime Minister Rowley at a news briefing held Friday afternoon at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s.

The reporter asked with regard to the geopolitics of this issue, does this country perceive its new relationship with Venezuela is going to have any impact on the Venezuela and Guyana situation.

It was revealed while this country is aware of Venezuela’s concerns about its borders around the region; Trinidad and Tobago has entered into the exploration of commercial possibilities which can help improve earning capacity , strengthen it and make it secure.

The relationship between this country and Venezuela has been described as the continuation of a policy which has worked well.