T&TEC, WASA Work To Restore Supply To Affected Areas

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T&TEC, WASA Work To Restore Supply To Affected Areas

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission and the Water and Sewerage Authority have mobilised to restore service to areas affected by Tuesday evening’s heavy rains caused by the passage of a tropical depression.

According to the Commission’s final update last evening at 11 p.m., service had been restored to thirteen of sixteen locations across Trinidad and Tobago and crews had been dispatched to the remaining three.

T&TEC said some of the affected areas were: Old Road Blanchisseuse, Madras Road, and Biche in Trinidad, and Woodlands and Bacolet Estate in Tobago.

In Wednesday 6am update, T&TEC Corporate Communications Manager, Annabelle Brasnell, said five reports of interuptions were recieved overnight in areas of  South and East Trinidad and Tobago, which have all been completed.

Several of WASA’s Water Treatment Plants were forced to stop operations due to clogged intake screens caused by flooded rivers and water sources.

This led to a disruption in the water supply to nineteen areas across Trinidad and Tobago, including: Matura, Lopinot, Biche, parts of St. Anns and Santa Cruz in Trinidad, and Bacolet, Mason Hall and Roxborough in Tobago.

The Authority has indicated that the affected Water Treatment Plants are currently being assessed and that operations will resume as soon as conditions allow.