TSTT forging ahead with 5G technology and ‘Agility’

TSTT forging ahead with 5G technology and ‘Agility’

TSTT Trinidad and Tobago’s indigenous telecommunications company held two successful conferences last week. On Wednesday 04th December 2019, TSTT launched 5 G technology at the Hyatt Regency outlining its pioneering foray into this cutting edge technology which enables customers both private and commercial to explore and engage the world of ‘the Internet of Things’ (IOT) which is facilitating global change in what is being described as the forth industrial revolution.Dr. Walcott told IzzSo media of the genesis of TSTT’s first Technology conference, held on Friday 06th December 2019, which was envisioned to introduce the company’s employees to the suite of changes and new technologies which positions TSTT ahead of its competitors.

TSTT C.E.O. Dr. Ronald Walcott also spoke of how the Company’s leadership effectively championed significant changes in the company, positioning TSTT on a sustainable path to profitability and evolving company systems, processes and infrastructure for the future. He also spoke directly to the immense possibilities of 5G technology which TSTT’s has pioneered in the region.


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    Concerned citizen 3 months


    Please do careful research into the effects of 5G on people’s health. I hope that you would not just jump on the bandwagon, but carefully (I repeat, carefully)check the research, not just rely on what the telecommunications companies say.

    Do your own research. Check what persons independent of the telecommunications industry have found about how 5G affects humans and other living beings.

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    Cursing won't help! 2 months

    I listened to the video where he mentioned 4G fixed mobile network he seems proud of, I am paying for 10 MB and have been getting speeds a little better than dial up since this lock down started, 700 kbs on good day, typically 100 and change kbs and 1.5MB during early morning hours .

    The box was taken to tstt checked and reset and the best speed they were able to attain is 1.something MB , when we asked about giving them back the box , they said we would be charged a thousand something for breach of contract if we do, so not providing useable service isn’t a breach on there end?

    My wife, who is a teacher; has to venture out to my mother’s house to conduct classes and I have to buy data on my phone, to get usable speeds to send emails and do work on my laptop,

    So is it that mobile home internet uses different towers to my cellphone or is it that speeds are being throttled?

    TSTT you all spend millions of US dollars to provide service for a nation on less than 1.5 million where a large amount are either unable or are not users of your network, and your telling me for the money spent you can’t handle an uptake in ussage?

    If you are boasting that you are 5G ready and the infrastructure in place but can’t handle an increase in ussage on ur 4G/HSPA network ,how are you going to manage an interconnected nation using what’s in place?

    I would love to be pleasantly surprised by tstt, but I am not hopeful. Each upgrade has been an exercise in over promising and under delivering since daily up.

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