Traffic Management Center to receive over 100 cameras

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Traffic Management Center to receive over 100 cameras

Over 100 cameras are being provided to the National Traffic Management Center (NTMC).

This will help them monitor and manage traffic on the nation’s roads.

The centre was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank through a grant valued at US$ 500,000 and it became operational on July 3, 2012, as a pilot initiative in Port-of-Spain.

Speaking at the expansion launch at the Caroni Licensing Office, Caroni,

Inter-American Development Bank president Ilan Goldfajn said: “It’s great to see the Government of Trinidad and Tobago taking digitalisation so seriously. And we are very glad to be part of this serious problem.”

“It’s in the heart of our ability to provide better services, improve the business environment, and become more effective and efficient. As I mentioned, now we are using digitalisation and intelligence to save lives and to make the lives of people better.

“Societies demand better transportation. They want to spend less time in transit and to be more secure.

He added, “This is a model for many other countries, and the IDB has a platform for solutions to the problems countries have. Digitalisation also brings new opportunities and opens new origins. It helps us unlock the country’s potential and hence helps us underpin competitiveness, innovation, and productivity for the future. We have set up the IDB’s current country strategy with Trinidad and Tobago. Now we know digitalisation can help us better serve citizens.”

NTMC’s expansion launch also revealed its pilot vehicle, which will allow the centre to have efficient road mapping analytics that can assist in road management, along with road usage wear and tear.

The centre is currently using cameras from the Ministry of National Security.

Sinanan said they are hoping that by next week, they would have a couple of hundred cameras being monitored.
“As I said, the whole gist of this is really traffic management. So, we will choose cameras, that, you know, we will use cameras that assist us with traffic management and there is also a by-product that you can actually help with national security But it is not a site that is designed to monitor national security.”