Trade unionist responds to PM challenge: “Wait Dr Rowley Wait!”

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Trade unionist responds to PM challenge: “Wait Dr Rowley Wait!”

Diversionary tactics and wrong priorities.

This is how National Trade Union Centre General Secretary Michael Annisette is referring to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s barbed response on Facebook to comments made at a Labour march on Friday.

During Friday’s march, Annisette accused Dr Rowley of being disrespectful and not caring about women and children.

Annisette also inserted a comment referencing race saying that “Black people are strong before adding that the PNM will pay the price for the 4 percent offer.

However, in a Facebook post yesterday morning, Dr Rowley rejected Annisette’s criticism and enquired about the reason for Annisette’s comments.

The Prime Minister challenged Annisette to a public discussion on caring and respect for women.

He insisted that in his role as Prime Minister, he is sworn by the constitution to always put the national interest first.

Dr Rowley suggested that as a union leader, Annisette was bound by no such duty as his job was instead to provide the best representation for those whom he leads rather the country as a whole.

Dr Rowley also denounced the introduction of race into the discussion.

He noted Annisette’s racial references and said “…there is no 4% offered to black and African people”.

The Prime Minister added that the offer by the Government applies to all the public officers for whom the CPO is their employer, of all races, classes and creeds.

However, in response, Annisette said Dr Rowley was paying attention to the wrong things.

He questioned Dr Rowley’s challenge to debate him on the issue of respecting women while the country faces so many other issues.

Mr Annisette reiterated that he is up for a debate and will not shy away from it but added that this is not the time.