Thieves in tactical clothing rob Great Foods in Caroni

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Thieves in tactical clothing rob Great Foods in Caroni

Two men dressed in tactical clothing robbed the Great Foods Ltd, at E-Teck Park, Frederick Settlement in Caroni on Friday night, making off with over $25,000.

The security guard on duty told police that he was making his way from the upper level to the lower level of the security booth when two men in blue tactical clothes, ski masks, gloves and armed with a crow bar, approached him and announced a robbery.

The suspects beat the guard, then tied him up and placed him in the security booth, where two other security guards were also tied up and seated on the flood.

The guards told police the bandits turned off the electricity, via a switch in the power room then went into to the building and robbed nine workers of cell phones and other personal items.

The workers were then locked in a freezer. No one was harmed.

The suspects ransacked the office and stole money out of the safe before making their escape.

One of the guards was able to untie himself and contacted the police.

Investigations are ongoing.