Health protocols disregarded at PNM meeting in Tobago; CMOH worried

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Health protocols disregarded at PNM meeting in Tobago; CMOH worried

County Medical Officer of Health for Tobago, Dr Tiffany Hoyte has expressed concern over the lack of adherence to the COVID-19 regulations on the sister isle, in light of recent sightings of people disregarding health protocols at a PNM political meeting.

The meeting in question was held at the Cyd Gray Sporting Complex in Roxborough on Wednesday night and there was little to no social distancing among party supporters. During a performance by Farmer Nappy supporters came out of their seats and were dancing in the aisles.

Sports Minister Shamfa Cudjoe was amongst those in attendance at the meeting and this also added to the concerns, as Ms Cudjoe, who was out of the country from December 16 last year to January 11, should still be in quarantine until January 25 in observance of the mandatory 14-day quarantine for citizens returning from abroad.

Dr Hoyte said “Anytime you have any mass gathering that is the concern, whether you have elections, whether it be church, whether it be whatever, any kind of mass gatherings and you know it’s happening frequently, we are on the lookout. We have heightened our surveillance, we are waiting to see what happens with the numbers.”

Hoyte assured, however, that the island’s healthcare system is prepared for the eventuality of an increase on cases following the election, as was seen in Trinidad following the General Election.