Teacher receiving threats

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Teacher receiving threats

In the wake of the controversial voice recordings involving a teacher abusing pupils at the Tranquility government primary school in Port of Spain. There are reports that the teacher in question is receiving threats to her safety and life.

The issue has sparked widespread debate in Trinidad and Tobago related to if the teacher should be removed and disciplined for the alleged derogatory comments heard in the recording.

TTUTA President Lindsay Doodai said in an interview that if the teacher is found to be culpable, then some sort of action should be taken. It was later learnt that the teacher is not a Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) member.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia

Education Minister Anthony Garcia said on Tuesday after visiting the school that there seems to be a general breakdown in discipline among students and teachers at the school and “in a matter of a day or two, the Teaching Service Commission is expected to issue the teacher a ‘cease to report for duty letter’.”

He also said all schools have internal school management systems that should be employed to maintain order at the institutions.