SSA spy pastor reportedly earned $25,000 per month for “consulting”

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SSA spy pastor reportedly earned $25,000 per month for “consulting”

Pastor Ian Albert Ezekiel Brown, the man who claims to have been a spy for the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) was reportedly employed at the agency as an adviser to the head, Major Roger Best.

According to a Guardian Media report today, Brown was commonly called Best’s “prophetic adviser” in the agency and had free rein throughout the organisation.

According to Section 5 (1) of the SSA Act, the Agency can employ staff as it considers necessary for the due performance of its duties and functions and provide for the remuneration and other terms and conditions of their employment.

However, Section 5 (2) of the Act said that, “Every employee of the Agency shall, at the commencement of his duties with the Agency, take the oath of allegiance and secrecy stated in the Schedule.”

Guardian Media states via a source, that Brown was not vetted for the job but earned a consulting fee from the agency of about $25,000 per month.

The story adds that Brown was in this position for five years with a stipend and another as an adviser.

According to calculations by their sources, Brown would have accrued close to $1 million in earnings if he did not pay taxes.

Brown, in a published report, said he was a pastor at the Jerusalem Bride (JB Church) in Arima, and the Eden Restored Church in Caratal.

“The Government has to take some responsibility because they only dealt with it when it came to a boiling point. It’s clear the issue was simmering for awhile and now all hell has broken loose,” the source said.

The Guardian Media source alleged that Pastor Brown had a hold on Best and controlled him.

Major Roger Best was sent on administrative leave on March 2.

Just Saturday, officers from the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF), Special Branch and Special Investigations Unit (SIU), visited Brown’s Chin Aleong Street, Arima, home where they discovered two wireless radios and two police uniforms among other items.