Spain elects first parliamentarian with Down’s Syndrome

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Spain elects first parliamentarian with Down’s Syndrome

Spain has elected its first parliamentarian with Down’s Syndrome.

Mar Galcerán was voted into Valencia’s regional assembly, in the east of the country.

She is thought to be the first person with the genetic disorder to join a European regional or national parliament.

Her appointment has been called “a huge step forward” and “an example of real inclusion.”

The 45-year-old has been involved with politics since she was 18, when she joined Spain’s conservative People’s Party.

Speaking to the UK Guardian newspaper, Ms Galcerán said she wants to be seen as a person, and not for her disability.

She added: “Society is starting to see that people with Down’s syndrome have a lot to contribute.”

Her appointment has been welcomed by fellow politicians and campaigners.

Carlos Mazón, President of the Regional Government of Valencia wrote on social media: “Great news for politics, overcoming barriers.”

And Agustín Matía Amor from Down España, a Down’s syndrome organisation in Spain said: “We haven’t heard of anyone else. It’s a huge step forward and an example of real inclusion”