102 tickets issued in Point Fortin

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102 tickets issued in Point Fortin

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service wishes to remind the public that road safety is your responsibility. This comes after 102 tickets were issued in Point Fortin alone on February 20th 2021, in an exercise supervised by Cpl Jhagroo and including officers of the South Western Division Traffic Unit (SWDTU).

While motorists were found to be compliant with the Public Health Ordinance Regulations, 27 tickets were issued to drivers for excessive speed, and 22 tickets were issued for failure to wear seatbelts. Some motorists were ticketed for both offences simultaneously.

This week, the SWDTU issued 348 tickets and saw one motorist achieving a speed of 167km/h on an 80km/h roadway which was more than twice the legal speed limit and has a fine of $3,000.00.

Other offences ticketed were;

Driving without a Certificate of Insurance
Driving without a Horn
No booster seat
No ID Lights
Defective fittings