SORT makes big marijuana bust – 138 kilos seized – 4 arrested

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SORT makes big marijuana bust – 138 kilos seized – 4 arrested

One man was arrested with 138 kilos of marijuana in his vehicle this morning.

Around the same time, police arrested three other men at Grand Bazaar waiting to receive the same marijuana.

Around 5 am on Sunday 18th July 2021, members of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and canine Tino, together with internal and external partners, embarked on Operation Red Fox which led them to conduct surveillance in the Moruga district relative to information received about a vehicle – a silver Nissan Cube.

Around 7.15 am, the silver Nissan Cube, with one male occupant, was intercepted on the north bound lane of the Uriah Butler Highway, in the vicinity of the Caroni Bridge.

On searching the vehicle, a large quantity of marijuana was found in the trunk.

The driver, of Lance Mitan Road, Moruga, was arrested and taken to the St Joseph Police Station together with the marijuana for further processing.

The police party received further information and went to Grand Bazaar where they arrested three other men who were waiting to receive the 138 kilos of marijuana.

One of the men lives at La Ruffin Road, Moruga, and was the driver of a Silver Nissan AD Wagon. Another lives at Roxborough Extension, Diego Martin, and was the driver of a white Nissan Navarra. The third man lives at Topaz Avenue, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin.

They were also taken to the St Joseph Police Station. The two vehicles were also seized. The marijuana was weighed at the Police Station.

Charges are expected to be laid shortly and the four men will appear virtually before a Magistrate. Investigations are continuing.