Seecheran: WASA must solve Kernaham Trace water woes

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Seecheran: WASA must solve Kernaham Trace water woes

Opposition MP, Dr. Rishad Seecheran, has joined forces with the residents of Kernaham Trace, Cunupia in appealing to WASA to resolve their water woes.

The residents, who say they have been enduring a water crisis for several years, staged a fiery protest in their community on Friday.

Seecheran said the water shortage in Kernaham Trace is not a new issue but it has worsened since 2020, culminating in recent weeks with residents unable to receive a pipe borne supply, for their basic daily needs.

“Despite numerous complaints to the Water and Sewerage Authority, as well as, raising this issue in the House of Representatives, there has been no intervention from those in Government. During a Meeting with residents of Kernaham Trace on 16th January 2024, it was agreed to continue to utilize WASA’s Hotline for water complaints. But no alleviation of this crisis has been forthcoming. This has led to great hardship and suffering in Kernaham Trace. Residents feel ignored and mistreated by the Water and Sewerage Authority,” Seecheran said.

WASA is on record saying, “This situation is directly associated with reduced production at the Caroni water treatment plant because of the current harsh dry season conditions. Despite the implementation of amended water supply schedules to the area, in order assist with mitigating the impact, some customers at the extremities of the system continue to experience an unreliable supply. As such, the authority has been, and will continue to provide affected customers with a truck-borne water supply, until their pipe-borne supply normalises.”

Seecheran said: “I once more implore the authorities to take immediate action to provide a reliable water supply to these affected households. Scores of residents, including the elderly and children, are being disadvantaged. I call upon the Minister of Public Utilities and the Water and Sewerage Authority to treat this matter with critical urgency. If the Government cannot deliver this basic resource to citizens, it must demit office and allow a competent team of individuals to serve the people of Trinidad and Tobago. ”