Unions demand talks with employers on vaccine protocols

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Unions demand talks with employers on vaccine protocols

Unions are demanding talks with the business sector regarding vaccination requirements being introduced at several establishments. More employers are introducing strict protocols to treat with unvaccinated staff members. Now three major trade unions have written to the country’s business heads, requesting a meeting within one week to discuss vaccination in workplaces.

In a letter, dated July 28, and sent to the American Chamber of Commerce, Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce and the T&T Manufacturers’ Association, the Joint Trade Union Movement, National Trade Union Centre of Trinidad and Tobago (NATUC) and the Federation of Independent Trade Unions and NGOs (FITUN) issued a copy of the letter and announced they had united to address the issue on behalf of employees.

The release stated, “We write on behalf of the three trade union federations in Trinidad and Tobago to request an urgent meeting with representatives of the business community to discuss the issue of vaccination in the workplace.”

The letter said the issue is one of extreme importance and should be addressed through meaningful dialogue.

Just this week Peter George of Trent enterprises which runs six Resturant in the country issued an internal memo to staff stating that unvaccinated employees will be required to submit negative PCR tests every two weeks at their own costs or they will not be rostered.

Additional both PM Rowley and Her Excellency the President confirmed that unvaccinated officers in their security details will not be allowed to be assigned to their personal details.