Search continues for missing businesswoman Christina Adsette

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Search continues for missing businesswoman Christina Adsette

Police are continuing the search for 62-year-old Penal businesswoman Christina Adsette.

On Thursday, they received unconfirmed information that she had been abducted and murdered. However, there was no evidence pointing to such.

Officers from the Special Intelligence Unit contacted the Penal Police Station and requested assistance to investigate a possible abduction and homicide.

The missing woman’s brother was contacted and met officers at her home. He told the police his sister’s personal belongings were inside her home, including her cellphones and keys to her vehicle.

Police said there were no signs of forced entry and everything appeared to be intact. There were no traces of blood and no workable fingerprints in the house either.

Her cellphones were handed over to the Cyber Crime Unit.

Adsette’s brother told police he last saw her around 7.30 pm on Monday at the front gate of her home at Suchit Trace.

Adsette, who resided in England for several years, operates a foot clinic at her home.

Former Penal/Debe Chamber president Rampersad Suraj said Penal/Debe residents have become targets of home invasions and other types of criminality. He complained that Penal Police Station is not properly resourced and this is hampering the officers’ performance.