Scoon’s attorney says they do not wish to give police access to his electronic device

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Scoon’s attorney says they do not wish to give police access to his electronic device

Hours after police seized the cellphone of businessman Adrian Scoon, as their investigation into his 2021 Boxing Day Seaside Brunch event continues, his attorney Kiel Taklalsingh has revealed that they are unwilling to give blanket access to the electronic device.

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner, Wendell Williams confirmed at a press conference on Friday, that the device was indeed taken from Scoon, but that Scoon refuses to give police officers the device’s password preventing them from accessing information on it.

An application to compel Scoon to disclose the password has since been signed off by Acting Police Commissioner, McDonald Jacob.

However, Taklalsingh said they do not wish to give access to the electronic device “for police to conduct a roving inquiry into private information and devices.”

In a letter to acting Commissioner McDonald Jacob on Friday, Taklalsingh said his client remained willing to assist in the investigation and provide information reasonably required.

However, he said, “You have not specified any specific document or information which you require and therefore we are unwilling to simply give you passwords to do as you wish.

“We demand that the content of this letter be placed before the judicial officer (when) you are attempting to procure yet another warrant. We further request the preservation of all electronic devices.”

This latest turn in the matter comes days after Scoon filed a judicial review claim challenging the warrants police used to search his home and office.
Police took two iPhones, two Macbook laptops and a flash drive while searching his Maraval home and Queen’s Park West office on January 5.