School asks for more security as parent beats student


School asks for more security as parent beats student

Staff of Marabella South Secondary School are at their wits end following the latest violent attack at the school.

On Wednesday, a parent of a Form Two student beat a Form Three student. Reports indicate that both the Form Two and Form Three students got into an altercation earlier that day. The Form Two student’s father returned that afternoon and beat the student. Sources say the Form Two student had to be hospitalised after the beating. They also claim that the Form Three student had assaulted the Form Two boy in the past.

But this is just one incident of violence at the school. Teachers have been careful to not upset the “trouble makers” at the school, with one teacher describing the school as a war zone. The teacher said that staff is running scared, adding that the principal is “not doing enough” since he retires in a few weeks.

Teachers also state that students have cursed teachers, and one teacher was beaten when he tried to intervene in a fight between two students. There have also been reports of theft, with both teachers and students being the victim of having their items stolen.

Three male students also assaulted a female student who had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. There also also reports of students having sex in the classroom and others bringing marijuana to school.

One teacher noted that the students reside in crime-ridden areas, and they are afraid to stand up to them for fear of retaliation. One teacher said, “We are frightened, we are frus­trat­ed and we are fed up.

Teachers are asking for security to be ramped up at the school.

The Education Ministry has asked for a report of the recent attack from both the school and security guards, following which they will investigate the incident.