Sanowar remanded into custody for “Secret Sunday”

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Sanowar remanded into custody for “Secret Sunday”

Businessman Emile Sanowar has been denied bail and taken into custody following a “Secret Sunday” party held at Lady Chancellor Heights last Morning morning.

The businessman and his son, Emilio Sanowar, were both arrested and detained. A firearm and quantity of ammunition found on the compound were reported to be owned by the elder Sanowar. His son was released without charge but the elder Sanowar appeared before a Magistrate on Thursday to answer to the charges of gun and ammunition possession. During a background check, it was revealed that Sanowar had been held on a firearm-related offence in 2016 which was still pending. As such, his bail was denied.

Last Monday morning, Sanowar was among 20 men detained, and 22 women including a 14-year-old-girl, after police raided the “Secret Sun­day” par­ty. Reports indicate that the women were involved in lewd dancing and what appeared to be acts of prostitution. In addition to the firearm and ammunition found, drugs and over $20,000 in cash were also found on the compound.