Former Miss Universe starts GoFundMe to save her business

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Former Miss Universe starts GoFundMe to save her business

Yvonne “Yvee” Clarke, Trinidad & Tobago Miss Universe 2017, started a GoFundMe account in an effort to save her clothing business, ‘The Style Affair by Yvee’.

Yvee wrote on her account that due to adverse effects of the covid-19 pandemic and closure regulations her business suffered a great loss.

“On Friday 4th December 2020 due to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding a legal matter, a Writ of Fifa was executed & all my business assets including clothing at my boutique were seized.  In shock, I watched all my hard work & sacrifice disappear before my eyes,” wrote Yvee.

“An unauthorized video was recorded unknowingly to me & leaked via social media in attempts to degrade, humiliate and bully me.”

Ms. Clarke said she was unable to pay the total sum owed despite making several attempts to do so.

“Payment installments were denied. The sum owed includes legal fees. If my target amount is not raised before Thursday 10th December 2020, all items that were seized from my boutique will be officially lost.”

Ms. Clarke wrote that persons interested in assisting her retain her business items can donate to ‘The Style Affair by Yvee’ through the GoFundMe account or through her First Citizens Ac #2500555 The Style Affair by Yvee.