“San Juan by 2” – Trini takes local slang to the Olympics

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“San Juan by 2” – Trini takes local slang to the Olympics

There is a saying that you can’t take a Trini anywhere – as there’s no telling what they’ll do in midst of serious matters.

Well former National/Caribbean Triathlete and Executive Director of Rainbow Warriors Club in Arima, Jason Gooding did just that – in midst of a global pandemic and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Gooding made sure to let the world know he’s from T&T and proud – but in his own special way.

Those who know can confirm that taxi drivers who may be working PH (private vehicles) are some of the most heard and seen drivers in and around Port-of-Spain, especially from the San Juan taxi stand.

And then there is the local slang of hailing passengers with the broken promise of leaving the taxi stand right away with either one or two passengers.

Gooding who is currently in Tokyo, Japan is working as a technical official for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

He taped himself doing what Trini drivers do best which put a smile on the faces of everyone on social media.