Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Battery Life


Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Battery Life

My day began at 6 am with a 100% battery. I left the charger at home and went about my normal day activities.

Between everyday life filled with calls, what’s app messages/calls, capturing random video and photos, along with just surfing my social media profiles during the day I was a bit skeptical about leaving the charger behind. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is a huge device and the USB Type-C port charger isn’t one you can find anywhere.

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Tip: With a huge 5,000 mAh battery, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra can deliver about 12 hours of endurance when set to the default 60Hz refresh rate.

Using the 60Hz over the available 120Hz really allows for a longer battery life without sacrificing the crisp screen resolution of the Note20 Ultra.

In the end I was able to enjoy all the normal stuff I do on a day to day basis with my regular phone and still ended up with 35% power on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra phone by the time I was ready to plug it in at 6 pm.  I am impressed!