Retired cop Johnny Abraham tells PM he won’t shut up; vows to be at next UNC town meeting

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Retired cop Johnny Abraham tells PM he won’t shut up; vows to be at next UNC town meeting

Former senior superintendent of police in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) Johnny Abraham, has vowed to continue speaking about the crime situation in this country.

At a news conference at Whitehall on Thursday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley defended Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher against criticism from Abraham, who, at a United National Congress’ Anti-crime Town Hall meeting on Monday, said that the Police Service was leaderless.

Rowley also claimed, “Is people like that who have us where we are today! Had we not had people like that in the police service, maybe we’d never have been where we are today!”

The PM then suggested that Abraham should shut his mouth.

But, in an interview with GML, Abraham says he does not care what Rowley had to say about him.

Abraham said he did not know what Rowley meant by his statement. But he assured that his integrity was intact, even after retiring from the Police Service.

He said nobody could accuse him of being involved in any illegal activities and anyone doing so publicly will be sued.

Abraham also made it clear that he has no affiliation with the UNC and only showed up to the crime talks as a regular citizen due to his concern for the levels of crime in this country.

The former head of the Central Division also indicated that when Mc Donald Jacob was acting Police Commissioner, he (Abraham) attended a meeting which he claimed involved National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds and other retired police officers.

He said at that meeting, he made several suggestions which could form part of an anti-crime plan. However, according to him, nothing was ever implemented.

Abraham said because Rowley has publicly chastised him, he has no choice but to respond. Therefore, he will be attending the next round of UNC anti-crime talks on January 29 where he will speak again and have his say about the Prime Minister.