Relative of triple-murder victims shot, critical at hospital

Relative of triple-murder victims shot, critical at hospital

Thirty-six year old Devon Chuniesingh was shot at his Pinto Road, Arima home on Thursday night.

Reports indicate that Chuniesingh was at his house located at Getwell Avenue when masked gunmen stormed the premises and shot him multiple times.

The suspects then escaped.

Chuniesingh was taken to the hospital for treatment; he underwent surgery for close to 12 hours and was placed on life support.

Chuniesingh is the relative of Randy Chuniesingh, 31-year-old Polly Ann Chuniesingh and 39-year-old Damian Chuniesingh who were found bound and gagged with their throats slit at the Getwell Avenue, Pinto Road, Arima house back in January.

Murdered siblings: Polly Ann and Damian Chuniesingh

An autopsy found that they had all been strangled to death.

Quantities of jewellery and cash were subsequently found to be missing from the premises.

Nathaniel Ellis, 31, of Pinto Road, Arima, was charged on Monday 13th January 2020 in connection with the deaths.

Charged with triple-murder: Nathaniel Ellis