RBC addressing credit card issues

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RBC addressing credit card issues

Following widespread complaints from RBC customers that monies were pulled from their credit cards in duplicate or false transactions, the company has now advised that they are addressing the issues recorded.

The RBC users in question are all PriceSmart customers and they were charged for purchases they did not make last Friday, then reimbursed less than the original amount.

The duplicate transactions were flagged and monies were returned to their accounts, however invariably the amount returned would be less than the amount withdrawn initially.

While the vast majority of the transactions were traced to PriceSmart, social media users reported that most of the people affected by the anomaly appeared to be RBC credit card customers.

RBC told media it is aware of transactions at specific business establishments on their client’s credit cards, which originated from a technical issue with the businesses’ processing bank.

They said: “Kindly note this situation is not a result of fraud. We recognise that due to foreign exchange rate fluctuation, some clients may have received less funds than initially charged. We are currently reviewing to ensure that the refunds appropriately account for such rate discrepancies. This may lead to multiple entries appearing on the client’s account. RBC assures its valued clients that we are committed to resolving this matter promptly.”