Ramsey-Moore hints at a tie-breaker for future Panorama competitions

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Ramsey-Moore hints at a tie-breaker for future Panorama competitions

Pan Trinbago president Beverley Ramsey-Moore has hinted that this year’s Panorama finale could be the last we see of a tied results.

However, she maintains that the results of the 2024 Panorama finals were just and fair.

Speaking to media following the results of the Large Conventional band category, which saw bp Renegades and Massy Trinidad All Stars declared joint winners, Ramsey-Moore said she felt the tie was a fair result. “Renegades is a great band, All Stars is a great band. All our bands are great. And tonight, I can tell you any number could have played tonight. We are satisfied. The process has been executed and we have a winner.”

Regards statements by some members of the public of a conflict of interest between Panorama sponsor and Renegades sponsor, bpTT, Ramsey-Moore said the energy giant played no role in or influenced the outcome of the results.

“Bp (British Petroleum) is just a sponsor. They have nothing to do with the judging. They do not select judges. They are not part of the process. The Pan Trinbago judging process is one of the fairest you can find anywhere in the world,” she said.

However, the Pan Trinbago boss did hint that this year could see the last tie.

“For a major competition like this, when I saw the scores, I thought to myself, wow, is it that moving forward we have to probably get a tiebreaker or something of the sort? Because for these major events, we would like to see one winner. Things can change up a bit, but maybe it is a decision to be made by the general membership.”

This is the third tie in Panorama after 1971 (Harmonites and Starlift) and 1985 (Desperadoes and Renegades).

With the result, the Charlotte Street-based Renegades surged ahead of Desperadoes for the most Panorama wins with 13, while All Stars are third with 11.