Pundit “shocked” to be considered racist

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Pundit “shocked” to be considered racist

Pundit Satyanand Maharaj says his lawyers have gotten involved in the imbroglio surrounding his recent comments at a community meeting in Aranguez.

At the meeting, Maharaj claimed that “urban youth gang members” along the East-West corridor are targeting people of East Indian descent in Aranguez.

His comments have widely been construed as racist and have drawn the ire of many persons across the ethnic divide.

Speaking this morning on Power 102 Digital, he told the Power Breakfast Show that he was shocked to be considered a racist and claimed that those who have “jumped down his throat” most probably did not hear his entire contribution at the meeting.

Pundit Maharaj maintained that he believes nothing he said can be construed as racist and that everything he said was factually accurate.

He revealed that he asked his lawyers to examine his comments and there is no evidence to support the claims being made against him.

He sugegsted the irresponsible reporting was to blame for the uproar.