Public told to choose their social events and company wisely, following wake & party shootings

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Public told to choose their social events and company wisely, following wake & party shootings

The police is urging the public to be mindful and use their discretion on who they choose to invite to their homes or to social events.

The comes from Snr Supt Rishi Singh, Head of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, after Keston Lawrence, Dwayne Charles and Francis Munroe were gunned down at a wake at the corner of Orange Field Road and Perseverance Road in Carapichaima around 12.30 am yesterday.

Hours later, at around 2.15 am, Jessie Baptiste, 22, was gunned down while two others were wounded during a birthday party in Northeastern Settlement, Sangre Grande.

Singh told media that the murders were unrelated. However, he stressed the need for people to be careful about who they invited to attend certain events.

He noted that guests should also be mindful about what kind of company they kept and keep their distance from people they felt lived dangerous lifestyles.

He told GML: “Some persons live vulnerable lifestyles and when I say vulnerable lifestyles, (I mean) persons who, by virtue of their own actions, invite other elements to target them for one reason or the other.

“But because of probable involvement in gang activity and that type of thing, when you have an event and you have these types of persons, you actually expose everybody who attends the event to the recklessness and bad intentions of individuals who target these persons, because these persons are generally indiscriminate when they target. It’s unfortunate that this is the current reality that we have to deal with.”

Singh also suggested that persons notify their nearest police stations if they intended to have an event, so that officers would be aware and take the necessary steps to ensure the protection of guests.

“We might choose to pay particular attention with patrols once it comes to our attention, because we want to honour the responsibility we have to all our citizens,” he said.