Promoters Association Head says Gov’t should fund Soca Monarch

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Promoters Association Head says Gov’t should fund Soca Monarch

Head of the Promoters Association, Jerome “Rome” Precilla says he believes the Government has an obligation to fund the Soca Monarch competition…however he is also calling for the competition to be rebranded and restructured so as to reduce its reliance on Government funding.

This year’s edition of the show was voluntarily cancelled for the first time in 30 years after the show’s promoters says they did not receive enough funding from the Government for the show to go on.

The promoters had asked the Government for $10 million but Culture Minister Randall Mitchell said it was “unconscionable” for the Government to underwrite the cost of an event that is privately owned.

Speaking with News Power Now, Precilla, suggested that despite the ownership, the Government should be obligated to aid in defraying costs for the event.

Precilla, himself a two-time finalist in the competition, described the event’s fate as “sad”.

However he was optimistic as he suggested that the competition has an opportunity to reset and return as a better product next year.

He added that the onus is also on the promoters to make the event more financially sustainable.