Prince Philip’s Life: Let’s Take A Look Back


Prince Philip’s Life: Let’s Take A Look Back

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip passed on Friday at 99 years old, Queen Elizabeth reported.

“His Royal Highness died calmly today at Windsor Castle,” the Royal Family wrote in an articulation. “Further declarations will (be) made at the appropriate time. The Royal Family get together with individuals all throughout the planet in grieving his misfortune.”

This royal has lived quite the life, at IzzSo, we take a look back at Prince Phillips’ eventful 99 years.

Baby life

On the off chance that you’re inexperienced with this specific illustrious relative’s set of experiences, he was initially Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, and he was brought into the world on the Greek island of Corfu back in 1921, as per Encyclopedia Brittanica. The child of Prince Andrew and Princess Alice, he had a capricious youth set apart with contention. His family escaped Greece when he was a child, and his mom experienced emotional wellness issues, which drove her to get standardized (and not voluntarily). Taking a gander at this early Prince Philip photograph, taken in 1922 when he was simply around a year old, you’d never surmise at upheaval encompassing him.

Baby Philip

Schoolboy days

Despite his tumultuous family life, early Prince Philip photos showcase a child who doesn’t look unlike many of his peers. When he reached school age, the young prince attended the MacJannet American School in Saint-Cloud, France (not far outside of Paris). Here, he engages in a round of archery with some classmates, appearing as though they are pretending to be Robin Hood. Can you spot the Queen’s future husband? Spoiler alert: He’s second from the left. It’s not all that surprising to see Philip engaging in sport at an early age, as he continued to participate in various games throughout his life.

Prince Philip

Military Life

You may be considering how Prince Philip helped work in the middle of the time he moved on from secondary school and in the end met his significant other, Queen Elizabeth (at that point a princess). In the wake of moving on from Gordonstoun, Philip enrolled as a cadet in the Royal Navy, as indicated by Army Cadet History. Subsequent to preparing at RNC Dartmouth, he proceeded to fill in as a sailor on the HMS Ramillies in 1940. That stretch was trailed by time on board the HMS Valiant, a ship positioned in Alexandria. There are numerous Prince Philip photographs of his experience with the Royal Navy, yet here he is envisioned in 1947, giving a salute as Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.

Philip Mountbatten

Royal wedding

As you can probably imagine, Elizabeth and Philip had quite an elaborate celebration when they married on November 20, 1947. According to the official royal website, their wedding cake was a whopping nine feet tall, and 2,000 guests were invited to the ceremony. The service, performed at Westminster Abbey, aired on BBC Radio with an audience of 200 million people globally. Although their engagement was just four months long, Elizabeth and Philip had known each other for quite some time. They originally met at another royal wedding that took place in 1934, when Philip was a teenager.

Members of the British Royal family and guests pose around Princess Elizabeth (future Queen Elizabeth II) (CL) and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (CR) (future Prince Philip); at right the group includes Britain's King George VI (5R) stood next to Queen Elizabeth (3R) with Princess Alice of Athlone (R) and in front of bridemaids that include Princess Margaretb (7R) stood next to Philip; at left the group includes the best man David Mountbatten, Marquess of Milford Haven (7L) stood next to Princess Elizabeth, Mary of Teck (3L), mother of King George VI, stands at left in front of the bridesmaids next to Princess Alice of Battenberg (5L), Philip's mother; the page boys are Prince William of Gloucester and Prince Michael of Kent; in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace on their wedding day November 20, 1947


Family Man

Just your average, run-of-the-mill royal family hanging out at one of their many palatial estates. No big deal! Here, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth share some family time with the kids in the drawing-room at Sandringham House in Norfolk. We’d love to know what Edward is pointing out to his father in the newspaper. And what’s the deal with Prince Andrew and the bow and arrow indoors? Meanwhile, Princess Anne is just looking adoringly at her mother. If only we could have been a fly on one of those expensive walls.

Informal Royalty


The birth of Prince Charles

Before Elizabeth became Queen, she and Prince Philip welcomed their first child into the world. Prince Charles was born on November 14, 1948, almost a year to the date of his parents’ first wedding anniversary. He was actually born at Buckingham Palace (talk about a royal baby!) and weighed 7 pounds and 6 ounces at birth. He was later christened at the Palace on December 15 of the same year. There are rumours that have long swirled about tension between Prince Philip and Prince Charles, most notably around the Duke of Edinburgh’s decision to send Charles to his alma mater, Gordonstoun School, which Charles described as “hell on earth,” according to Express.

Royalty - Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh with Prince Charles - Buckingham Palace, London

Artistic endeavours

For an entire year in 1969, Philip and Elizabeth’s brood was filmed for a BBC documentary appropriately titled Royal Family. It was broadcast on both BBC One and ITV, and while the still photos, like this one of Prince Philip painting, are all kinds of fascinating, the doc was widely panned by audiences and critics alike. According to, the film was produced in an effort to make the Queen appear more personable but it backfired.

Prince Philip Painting

Portrait of a prince

In 2017, Prince Philip announced that he was taking a step by from public life as a royal. The same year, this stunning painting of him standing in the halls of Buckingham Palace was released. According to Sky News, the Duke of Edinburgh had carried out 22,191 single engagements since his wife’s coronation in 1952. That doesn’t include the countless events he performed alongside Queen Elizabeth. The fact that he acknowledged this was the right move for him, personally, makes a huge statement to his desire to maintain his health as best he possibly can.Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Painting Released As He Retires From Public Engagements