Politicians “abuse” of tax exemptions should be addressed

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Politicians “abuse” of tax exemptions should be addressed

Transparency activist, Rishi Maharaj says the vehicle exemption rules surrounding politicians should be addressed.

His comments come amid a police investigation involving UNC MP David Lee in connection with the purchase of the $2.3 million Mercedes-Benz and whether the $1.4 million in tax exemptions derived may have benefited a party financier.

The police probe is to determine whether Lee used the exemptions to benefit a South-based businessman and UNC financier, and whether Lee was ever in possession of the vehicle.

Speaking with news Power Now, Mr Maharaj pointed out that the exemptions have been used and abused by politicians spanning several Government administrations.

He said this has become a matter of reality versus ethics.

Mr Maharaj questioned whether politicians were suing the exemption for the purpose which it was intended.

He noted that there should be a move to clamp down on the practice and put stricter measures in place particularly given the current economic climate and the state of the country’s finances.