Police uniforms to be outfitted with owner’s name and regimental number

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Police uniforms to be outfitted with owner’s name and regimental number

In a bid to stop the increase in police equipment being found in the possession of criminals, government has taken the decision to outfit all new police uniforms with the owner’s name and regimental number.

This was revealed in the House on Friday by Senate leader Dr Amery Browne, in response to questions from the opposition.

Answering on the behalf of National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, who was not in attendance, Browne said audits were under way into police-issued items after public concerns about their possible misuse in crimes.

Browne said not all such items marked with the words or logo “police” found at crime scenes were necessarily the property of the police service (TTPS).
However, he said the police will be meeting with private security companies over outfits resembling police uniforms.

Browne also promised that there will be a review of TTPS procurement practices on firearms and ammunition and a review of the TTPS standing orders or rules on distributing of items of uniform and ensuring all officers were made aware of this, so as to properly secure their kit and uniform.

An audit of all items of police uniforms issued will also be concluded in the near future.

“It is expected that any discrepancies identified by the audit will be thoroughly investigated and forwarded to the (TTPS) Complaints Division for consideration and appropriate disciplinary action as necessary.

“Additionally, the commissioner has further advised that instructions have been given for the ascribing of all items of uniform assigned to police officers with their full name and regimental number, to facilitate proper identification and tracking of these items in the near future.”