Police Social Welfare Association accepts CPO’s 4% offer

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Police Social Welfare Association accepts CPO’s 4% offer

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Social and Welfare Association has finally accepted the Chief Personnel Officer’s 4% offer on salary for both first and second division police officers.

The association and the CPO signed a memorandum of agreement for the collective bargaining periods 2014-2016 and 2017-2019, in acceptance of the government’s offer on Friday.

CPOI Commander Daryl Dindial, said the agreement between the parties demonstrates the government’s commitment to honouring its 4% offer and he’s hopeful other associations would reconsider their position and accept the offer.

Apart from the 4% salary increase, there were adjustments to allowances such as uniform, meal, laundry, specialisation, travelling, cost of living allowance, as well as the conduct of a job evaluation exercise that is expected to commence in January 2024.

The TTPS will also receive a lump-sum payment of $4,000 to officers who retired compulsorily, voluntarily and with permission on the grounds of illness for the period 2014-2015.