Police Officers Assured Issues Affecting Them Are Being Addressed

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Police Officers Assured Issues Affecting Them Are Being Addressed

Commissioner of Police, Erla Christopher, acknowledges the concerns raised by the TTPS Social and Welfare Association regarding the possibility of some police officers calling in sick for Carnival duties.

The CoP stated, “I understand that there may be dissatisfaction among some officers regarding issues such as back pay, salary increases, and promotion disputes, however, we are actively addressing these concerns and taking proactive measures to ensure the smooth operation of Carnival festivities”.

She further stated, “additional staff have been deployed to expedite the payment of outstanding back pay, and efforts are underway to address promotion disputes.”

Commissioner Christopher further stated, “I want to reassure the public that the TTPS is fully committed to ensuring a safe and secure Carnival celebration.

Despite any internal challenges, the TTPS will be out in full force to maintain law and order, protect citizens and visitors, and ensure a festive atmosphere conducive to enjoyment and celebration.”

The Top Cop added, “I recognize and commend the dedication and commitment of our officers and appreciate their contributions to maintaining public safety and security.

I also encourage members of the public to cooperate with law enforcement, report any suspicious activity, and enjoy Carnival responsibly.

Together, we can ensure a safe, memorable and enjoyable Carnival experience for everyone.”