Police Commissioner accused of misleading the public over bodycam issue

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Police Commissioner accused of misleading the public over bodycam issue

Former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says there are certain persons in the TTPS afraid to embrace change.

He made the comment as he addressed the seemingly slow pace with which the TTPS has operationalized the use of bodycams.

In a media release on Monday, the TTPS said it received 1,000 body cameras in March.

IT added that 477 of the devices were distributed among all nine Police Divisions and the Traffic Branch while 451 officers were trained in its use.

Speaking this morning on Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show Mr Griffith said there was resistance to the implementation of technology even during his time as Police Commissioner as it forced officers to be more accountable.

Mr Griffith also accused the current Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob of misleading the public.

The TTPS in its release said yesterday that a centralised management system for recorded video has been put in place and is currently undergoing the requisite configuration prior to being activated.

It also said that additional officers are expected to undergo training in the use of the bodycam.

However, Griffith said there is no training required to use a bodycam as it’s a simple matter of turning it on and off as is necessary.

Elaborating on the issue of monitoring, he explained how the system should work saying there is no need to establish a monitoring centre for the bodycams.