Police arrest 39; seize firearms, ammo and over $1M in marijuana

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Police arrest 39; seize firearms, ammo and over $1M in marijuana

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) continues to increase its stockpile of illegal firearms, ammunition and illegal narcotics which all play negative roles in our communities. Over the last 48 hours, anti-crime and warrant exercises have led to the arrest of 39 persons and the seizure of two firearms, approximately 37.9 kilogrammes of marijuana, 1175 marijuana trees and 128 rounds of ammunition across many of the divisions.

In the Western Division, an intelligence led investigation resulted in the arrest of three male suspects yesterday, who were held in connection with a double murder incident, which occurred in the St. James area on October 26th, 2022.

During another exercise yesterday, while conducting surveillance duties, an officer attached to the Western Division Task Force, observed a man of the Upper Bournes Road area, place a knapsack into a discarded washing machine, in a river at the back of a house. On retrieving the bag, three Assault Rifle Magazines, 26 rounds of 12-gauge ammunition and 10 rounds of 7.62 ammunition were found. The man was arrested and is expected to be charged with possession of ammunition.

One Beretta pistol was also seized in the Whiteland area on November 3rd, by Southern Division Task Force officers after searching a vehicle. The car, a white AD wagon, was searched and the firearm containing a magazine with eight rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition were found. The firearm was seized and the driver, a 32-year-old proprietor, was arrested.

One Glock 17 Pistol with an extended magazine containing two rounds of ammunition was also seized during a search warrant exercise in the Northern Division. Officers of the Northern Division Task Force South executed a warrant at a residence located at St Michael’s Road, Tacarigua where the gun was found in a bedroom. An arrest is imminent.

Meanwhile, 30 persons were also arrested in the South and South Western Divisions after officers executed Affiliation and Firearm Inquiry warrants between 2nd and 4th November.

In the Port of Spain and North-Eastern Divisions a quantity of ammunition was seized during several exercises.
On 3rd November, officers attached to the Belmont Police Station and the Port of Spain Task Force, acted on intelligence, then proceeded to the area known as ‘the Bunker’ in the vicinity of Fondes Amandes Road. Police observed two men in the area, who fled after a brief encounter with the officers. The officers then searched the area, where they found and seized 23 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, six rounds of .45 calibre ammunition, a black pistol magazine containing five rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition and one camouflage item.

North Eastern Division officers also seized 32 rounds of 5.56 ammunition and 21 foil packets amounting to 298 grams of marijuana on November 3rd, when they searched abandoned structures and vehicles at Upper 7th Avenue. While on November 4th, officers also seized a further eight rounds of 5.56 ammunition, eight rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition and 325 grams of marijuana while conducting a search of an abandoned structure in the Mon Repos, Barataria area.

Marijuana eradication exercises conducted in the Moruga, Penal, Siparia and Gasparillo areas, resulted in the discovery and destruction of 1175 adult marijuana trees.

Reports from Moruga state that 1000 trees and a camp were destroyed on November 4th during an exercise conducted with the Special Intelligence Unit, Air Support Unit, Southern Division Task Force and members of the Inter-Agency Task Force.

The street value of the trees is estimated at one million dollars. On November 3rd, 2022, 150 trees were destroyed in the Syne Village area. Officers found the marijuana trees approximately 100 feet off the roadway at Reyes Trace. The trees are estimated to have a street value of $202,830. The remaining 25 marijuana trees were seized after officers proceeded to a Whiteland Road residence, on November 4th, 2022, regarding a report of malicious damage. The trees were found in crocus bags with what appeared to be manure inside. A 34-year-old man was arrested in connection with the marijuana trees.

Another man, aged 43, was arrested in the Caroni area on 3rd November, after he was found in possession of 37.18 kg of compressed marijuana. Officers of the North-Central Division Task Force East and the Canine Unit were conducting two house searches in the Caroni area when the 66 packages containing the drug was seized at his residence.

In the Central Division, two men, ages 37 and 34 were arrested and several stolen items were recovered on 3rd November. The men were arrested on enquiries into House Breaking and Larceny and Receiving Stolen Items.
Investigations are continuing into the multiple firearm and narcotics seizures.