PM: Property tax will be an asset to regional corporations

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PM: Property tax will be an asset to regional corporations

NO one likes to pay taxes. But, the Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is promising that property tax will be an asset to regional corporations and, by extension, will benefit those who pay these taxes.

Speaking during the Conversations with Dr Keith Rowley series at the Diego Martin South Community Centre in Four Roads, Diego Martin, on Thursday night, Rowley said while he acknowledges no one likes to pay taxes, it will be a revenue stream for corporations to improve and treat with the needs of every community.

“A lot of people paying a small amount will create a decent size pool of funds for your borough to now continuously treat with your neighbourhood’s needs and that is an improvement in your quality of life,” Rowley said.

He said the PNM was not trying to make citizens pay any inheritance taxes either, despite what the Opposition has purported.

Rowley encouraged his constituents of Diego Martin and the country to vote for what he described as a modern local government system with modern management, increased responsibility and increased resources to build up neighbourhoods.

Rowley told supporters central government wants to give the corporations more responsibility so that the needs of the people at the community level could be effectively addressed. He said this is called devolution of government.

He said a well-rounded corporation could take on the responsibility of maintenance of schools, repairing sporting facilities, maintenance of health centres and even the management of community centres once they have the resources, which land and building tax would provide.